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Higher Education Institutions

Working group in the DeGEval - Evaluation Society

The Higher Education Institutions Working Group sees itself as a forum for those who deal with quality assurance and development in higher education and other scientific institutions. The scientific discourse on evaluation and management is of equal importance to the exchange of experience and the mutual networking of actors from science and practice.

The working group focuses on the following topics:

  • Evaluation of research
  • Evaluation of studies and teaching
  • Evaluation of administration
  • Quality management at universities
  • University management

Since 2010, the working group has offered an additional event in the spring/summer in addition to the sessions at the annual conference in the fall.


the Working Group Higher Education Institutions

AK spokespersons

Dr. Christine Abele

University of Konstanz

Dr. Helena Berg

University Mainz

Markus Koppenborg

University of Cologne

Dr. Sarah Schmidt

University Frankfurt