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of the Journal of Evaluation (ZfEv)

The Journal of Evaluation is published twice a year and can be obtained from any bookshop or directly from Waxmann Verlag. The annual print subscription costs 40€ (plus shipping), a single print issue costs 23€ (incl. shipping).

In addition, an online subscription is available for 35€ and individual online issues for 20€. Individual articles can also be ordered online directly from the publisher for 7€ each. Further details on shipping costs can be found on the Waxmann Verlag website.

Subscriptions can only be canceled at the end of a year. Your subscription will be renewed for a further year if it is not canceled in writing 3 months before the end of the year.

For members of DeGEval - Gesellschaft fΓΌr Evaluation e.V., the subscription to the Zeitschrift fΓΌr Evaluation (print and digital) is included in the membership fee. To activate your digital access or for questions in connection with your print subscription, please contact Waxmann-Verlag at



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