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Working group in the DeGEval - Evaluation Society

The Professionalization Working Group, which has been in existence since March 2001, was set up with the aim of systematically facilitating and bringing together discussions on topics relating to training and further education and thus making a contribution to the increasing professionalization of the German-speaking evaluation community. Initially founded as the "Education and Training" working group, the range of topics was opened up, although special attention has traditionally been paid to fields of qualification in and for evaluation.

The working group is committed to the goal of professionalizing evaluation. Professionalization is understood as an open-ended process of strengthening expertise at all levels of evaluation. With its activities, the working group aims to contribute to improving the qualifications and skills of evaluators and other people involved in evaluation.

Therefore, on the one hand, the focus is on original questions of education and training in evaluation, taking into account all forms of qualification in which evaluation skills are acquired. This ranges from university education and further training courses to informal education through self-study. On the other hand, the working group deals with cross-policy evaluation topics that are relevant to professionalization and are not originally covered by other DeGEval working groups.

The working group provides a forum for the networking of people who are interested in an exchange on topics of education and training in evaluation as well as cross-cutting topics of evaluation across policy fields.

We work in a results- and product-oriented manner with the aim of making the results of our work transparent, visible and effective to the outside world. Our work is transdisciplinary and we are open to all professional contexts in which evaluation and training and further education in evaluation take place. Our work is based on the Standards for Evaluation and the Recommendations for Training and Further Education in Evaluation of the DeGEval.

Working Group Spokespersons

Dr. DΓΆrte Schott

ism - Institut fΓΌr SozialpΓ€dagogische Forschung Mainz e.V.

Jessica Prigge, M.Eval.

UniversitΓ€t Kiel, Institut fΓΌr PΓ€dagogik

Niklas Zierke

Saarland University