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DeGEval Impact Model

(German version only)

The DeGEval impact model allows the Board to systematically link DeGEval's activities with their intended impact, particularly with regard to its statutory tasks.

The model is primarily intended as an internal planning tool for the Board. Ideally, it lets the Board reflect their own work, identify possibly neglected tasks and strategically organize current and future activities.

You can view / download the impact model here (PDF - German version only)

The following article provides details on the conception, development and use of the impact model:

Hense J. (2021). Practice What You Preach: Das DeGEval-Wirkungsmodell als Beispiel fΓΌr die Wirkungsmodellierung einer Non-Profit-Organisation. Zeitschrift fΓΌr Evaluation, 20(2), 397-403.

(German only)