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of the DeGEval - Evaluation Society

Currently 732 members - including 526 personal and 206 institutional members - support the goals of DeGEval (as of January 2024).

Our members come from renowned economic and social science research institutions, universities, management consultancies and political consulting firms as well as ministries, administrations and departmental research institutions. All relevant evaluation disciplines and professions are represented.

Our institutional members are particularly supportive of our work.

Institutional members of DeGEval

DeGEval currently has 206 institutional members. These are (listed in the order in which they joined DeGEval):
  1. Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, Karlsruhe (D)
  2. VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Berlin (D)
  3. Univation - Institute for Evaluation Dr. Beywl & Associates GmbH, Cologne (D)
  4. terre des hommes Deutschland e.V., Osnabrück (D)
  5. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn (D)
  6. VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, Düsseldorf (D)
  7. Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ), Mainz (D)
  8. Institute for Social Work and Social Pedagogy e.V., Frankfurt am Main (D)
  9. Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, POLICIES Center for Economic and Innovation Research, Graz (A)
  10. Bertelsmann Foundation, Future of Civil Society Program, Gütersloh (D)
  11. Verein Plattform Forschungs- und Technologieevaluierung, Vienna (A)
  12. Bischöfliches Hilfswerk Misereor e.V. Evaluation and Quality Management, Aachen (D)
  13. DJI - Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V. Department of Youth and Youth Welfare, Munich (D)
  14. evasys GmbH, Lüneburg (D)
  15. Ramboll Management, Hamburg (D)
  16. PARTICIP GmbH, Freiburg (D)
  17. Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Evaluation Unit, Bonn (D)
  18. CEval GmbH, Saarbrücken (D)
  19. Special Institution for Quality Assurance, University of Vienna, Vienna (A)
  20. Institute for Rural Areas, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (Thünen Institute), Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forests and Fisheries, Braunschweig (D)
  21. BiBB - Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Bonn (D)
  22. ZEM - Center for Evaluation and Methods, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Bonn (D)
  23. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna BOKU Research Service/Vice Rectorate for Research, Vienna (A)
  24. FAKT Beratung für Management, Bildung und Technologien GmbH, Stuttgart (D)
  25. University of Duisburg-Essen, Center for Higher Education and Quality Development, Duisburg (D)
  26. PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH
  27. FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH, Vienna (A)
  28. State Office of Criminal Investigation NRW, SG 32.3 - Central Evaluation Office, Düsseldorf (D)
  29. in puncto: pfaender & team GmbH, Cologne (D)
  30. Con_sens - Consulting für Steuerung und soziale Entwicklung GmbH, Hamburg (D)
  31. Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Department I/12, Vienna (A)
  32. EuroNorm - Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung und Innovationsmanagement mbH, Neuenhagen near Berlin (D)
  33. DKJS - German Children and Youth Foundation, Evaluation and Development Department, Berlin (D)
  34. University of Luxembourg RU INSIDE - Institute for Research on Generations and Family: Youth Research, Walferdange (LU)
  35. Medical University of Vienna, Unit for Evaluation and Quality Management, Vienna (A)
  36. Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IAG), Research and Consulting - Evaluation of Prevention Measures, Dresden (D)
  37. evalux, Berlin (D)
  38. Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony, Hanover (D)
  39. Goethe-Institut - Head Office, Strategy & Evaluation, Munich (D)
  40. Federal Foreign Office, Division S 06 Evaluation, Berlin (D)
  41. Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Development Cooperation Evaluation Division, Bonn (D)
  42. involas Institut für berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik GmbH, Offenbach (D)
  43. Johann Daniel Lawaetz Foundation, Research, Evaluation and Knowledge Transfer Department, Hamburg (D)
  44. Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, Freiburg (D)
  45. Leibniz Institute for Psychology - ZPID, University of Trier, Trier (D)
  46. Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) gGmbH, Management, Berlin (D)
  47. IKJ - Institute for Child and Youth Welfare gGmbH, Research Methods and Evaluation, Mainz (D)
  48. Armed Forces Base Command, Armed Forces Training Division, HP Indiv Ausb Department, Bonn (D)
  49. com.X - Institute for Communication Analysis & Evaluation, Bochum (D)
  50. Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Berlin (D)
  51. CVJM - Christian Association of Young People, Computerclub e.V., Chemnitz (D)
  52. Deutsche Welle, Strategic Marketing / Market and Media Research, Bonn (D)
  53. FH Oberösterreich Studienbetriebs GmbH, Linz Campus, Linz (A)
  54. pro mente: kinder jugend familie, Klagenfurt (A)
  55. Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government Department of Economics, Tourism and Technology, St. Pölten (A)
  56. IfLS - Institute for Rural Structural Research, Frankfurt am Main (D)
  57. G.I.B. - Gesellschaft für innovative Beschäftigungsförderung mbH, Bottrop (D)
  58. German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Ref. 212, Evaluation/Statistics, Bonn (D)
  59. Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD), ARQA-VET Austrian Reference Center for Quality in Vocational Education and Training, Vienna (A)
  60. pH-7 Unternehmensberatung OG, Wolfurt (A)
  61. ECO Consult, Frankfurt am Main (D)
  62. Organizational Consulting Institute Thuringia - ORBIT, Jena (D)
  63. e-fect dialog evaluation consulting eG, Berlin (D)
  64. IFGE - Gesellschaft für Innovationsforschung und Beratung mbH, Berlin (D)
  65. Institute for Technology and Labor, TU Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern (D)
  66. Austrian Development Agency, Evaluation Unit, Vienna (A)
  67. dvv international, Bonn (D)
  68. Sucht- und Drogenkoordination Wien gemeinnützige GmbH, Institute for Addiction Prevention, Vienna (A)
  69. INTERVAL GmbH, Berlin (D)
  70. evalag (Evaluation Agency Baden-Württemberg), Mannheim (D)
  71. Hessian Teachers' Academy, Wiesbaden (D)
  72. Evartis GmbH - Evaluation and Research Services, Bonn (D)
  73. FernUniversität in Hagen - Dec. 1.1 University Planning, Hagen (D)
  74. GAB München - Gesellschaft für Ausbildungsforschung und Berufsentwicklung GmbH, Munich (D)
  75. Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Vienna (A)
  76. Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hanover (ZEvA), Hanover (D)
  77. University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg GmbH, Research Department Social and Economic Sciences, Dornbirn (A)
  78. MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung GmbH, Organizational Development and Education Management, Tübingen (D)
  79. uzbonn - Society for Empirical Social Research and Evaluation (Umfragezentrum Bonn - Prof. Rudinger GmbH), Bonn (D)
  80. IHS - Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna (A)
  81. proVal - Society for Social Science Analysis, Consulting and Evaluation, Hanover (D)
  82. transfer - Company for Social Innovation, Wittlich (D)
  83. Federal Center for Health Education, Cologne (D)
  84. Zurich University of Teacher Education, Evaluation Office, Center for University Didactics and Adult Education, Zurich (CH)
  85. Police Academy of Lower Saxony, Department 01, Nienburg/Weser (D)
  86. FOGS GmbH, Cologne (D)
  87. Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Division ZB7, Berlin (D)
  88. University of Stuttgart, Quality Development Unit, Stuttgart (D)
  89. Internationale Akademie Berlin für innovative Pädagogik, Psychologie und Ökonomie gGmbH (INA), Berlin (D)
  90. Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Q.5, Technical Cooperation, Braunschweig (D)
  91. Federal Ministry of Health, Communications Staff - Public, Berlin (D)
  92. DEval Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit GmbH, Bonn (D)
  93. Prognos AG, Innovation, Technology & Education, Berlin (D)
  94. Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, Center ASH-IQ and Department for Teaching Evaluation and QM, Berlin (D)
  95. Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH, Public Management, Düsseldorf (D)
  96. Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), Department 421, Eschborn (D)
  97. Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, PME Unit of the Center for International Dialogue and Cooperation, Berlin (D)
  98. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Staff Unit Teaching and Quality Assurance, Frankfurt am Main (D)
  99. Kinder forschen Foundation, Scientific Support, Berlin (D)
  100. Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Wismar (D)
  101. agiplan public GmbH, Regional Development and Structural Policy, Mühlheim an der Ruhr (D)
  102. AFC Public Services GmbH, Bonn (D)
  103. KMU Forschung Austria, Vienna (A)
  104. Kindernothilfe e.V., Department for Project Application, Sector Issues and Evaluation, Duisburg (D)
  105. FH Campus Wien, Quality Management, Vienna (A)
  106. General Accident Insurance Institution, HUB - Accident Prevention and Occupational Disease Control, Vienna (A)
  107. Bread for the World - Protestant Development Service, Results Management and Process Assurance Unit, Berlin (D)
  108. Institute for Social Science Consulting GmbH, Regensburg (D)
  109. FFH, Society for the Implementation of University of Applied Sciences Courses, Vienna (A)
  110. Humboldt University Berlin, Quality Management Unit, Berlin (D)
  111. Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz, Speyer (D)
  112. KfW Bankengruppe (KfW Entwicklungsbank & KfW DEG) - Evaluation Department, Frankfurt am Main (D)
  113. Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Project Management Jülich, Jülich (D)
  114. Moysies & Partner, Hamburg (D)
  115. Federal Cultural Foundation, Funding Department: Cultural Funding and Evaluation, Halle/Saale (D)
  116. PH Bern, Institute for Research, Development and Evaluation, Bern (CH)
  117. University of Potsdam, Center for Quality Development in Teaching and Studies (ZfQ), Potsdam (D)
  118. Hessian University of Applied Sciences for Public Management and Security, Quality Management, Wiesbaden (D)
  119. CBM e.V., Knowledge, Learning and Training, Bensheim (D)
  120. Syspons GmbH, Berlin (D)
  121. Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Teaching and Study Services, Fulda (D)
  122. iSPO - Institute for Social Research, Practice Consulting and Organizational Development GmbH, Saarbrücken (D)
  123. Deloitte & Touche GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Audit & Advisory, Berlin (D)
  124. German Aerospace Center - Project Management Agency at DLR, Bonn (D)
  125. University for Continuing Education - Vice Rectorate for Teaching/Scientific Continuing Education and Digital Transformation, Krems (A)
  126. GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg (D)
  127. South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Quality Development & Management (IQEM), Iserlohn (D)
  128. Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) gGmbH, Nuremberg (D)
  129. Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung e.V., Institute for International Cooperation, Evaluation Department, Munich (D)
  130. University of Würzburg, Department A.3 Quality Management and Organizational Development, Würzburg (D)
  131. TÜV Rheinland Consulting GmbH, Cologne (D)
  132. Institute for Social Pedagogical Research Mainz e.V. (ism), Mainz (D)
  133. North Rhine-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration (HSPV NRW), Gelsenkirchen (D)
  134. Arbeitskreis Neue Erziehung e.V., Berlin (D)
  135. adelphi consult GmbH, Berlin (D)
  136. ISTAT - Institute for Applied Statistics, Kassel (D)
  137. Plan International Deutschland e.V., Hamburg (D)
  138. FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management, Essen (D)
  139. ISG Institute for Social Research and Social Policy, Cologne (D)
  140. SKC Beratungsgesellschaft mbH, Hanover (D)
  141. Pädagogische Hochschule Graubünden, University Development & Quality Management, Chur (CH)
  142. EPIG GmbH - Development and Planning Institute for Health, Graz (A)
  143. IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment gGmbH, Berlin (D)
  144. FH Aachen - Center for University Didactics and Quality Development in Studies and Teaching (ZHQ), Aachen (D)
  145. Center for School Assessment of the Canton of Zurich, Zurich (CH)
  146. German Research Institute for Public Administration (FÖV) Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment and Evaluation (InGFA), Speyer (D)
  147. Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources B4.1 International Cooperation, Hanover (D)
  148. Justus Liebig University Giessen, StL - Department of Studies, Teaching, Continuing Education, Quality Assurance, Giessen (D)
  149. German Police University - Staff Unit II Quality Development, Münster (D)
  150. GOPA Consultants, Bad Homburg (D)
  151. FH St. Pölten GmbH, Quality Management, St. Pölten (A)
  152. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn (D)
  153. Bavarian State Office for Schools, Quality Agency Department, Gunzenhausen (D)
  154. Technical University of Darmstadt, University Didactics Center, Evaluation Department, Darmstadt (D)
  155. WPZ Research GmbH, Vienna (A)
  156. Industrial Science Institute (IWI), Vienna (A)
  157. Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN), Hanover (D)
  158. Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences (HRW), Mühlheim an der Ruhr (D)
  159. L&R Social Research GmbH, Vienna (A)
  160. University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vienna (A)
  161. Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung für Internationale Kooperation e.V., Bonn (D)
  162. Directorate of Education for the German School in South Tyrol, Bolzano (I)
  163. University of Applied Sciences for Health (hsg Bochum), Bochum (D)
  164. ICON-Institute GmbH & Co KG, Cologne (D)
  165. German Red Cross e.V. - General Secretariat, Berlin (D)
  166. IMAP GmbH, Düsseldorf (D)
  167. medica mondiale e.V., Cologne (D)
  168. ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL gGmbH, Bonn (D)
  169. Taurus Eco Consulting GmbH, Trier (D)
  170. EBP Schweiz AG, Zurich (CH)
  171. University of Hamburg, Evaluation Service Center, Hamburg (D)
  172. IQS, Institute of the Federal Government for Quality Assurance in the Austrian School System, Salzburg (A)
  173. AQ Austria - Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria, Vienna (A)
  174. Friedensau Institute for Evaluation, Theological University, Möckern-Friedensau (D)
  175. Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Berlin (D)
  176. German Center for Integration and Migration Research, DeZIM Institute, Berlin (D)
  177. Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Federal Academy for Civil Protection and Civil Defense, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (D)
  178. entera Dr. Brahms & Partner, Hanover (D)
  179. Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Quality Management Studies and Teaching, Freiburg (D)
  180. Saxon Police University, Rothenburg O.L. (D)
  181. ÖSB Social Innovation gGmbH, Vienna (A)
  182. Camino Werkstatt für Fortbildung, Praxisbegleitung und Forschung im sozialen Bereich, Berlin (D)
  183. Institute for Educational Analysis Baden-Württemberg (IBBW), Stuttgart (D)
  184. convelop cooperative knowledge design gmbh, Graz (A)
  185. htw saar, House of Knowledge, Saarbrücken (D)
  186. h_da Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt (D)
  187. Office of the state portal, Bochum (D)
  188. Kantar GmbH, Kantar Public, Munich (D)
  189. Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH, Berlin (D)
  190. Hochschule Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSBi), Planning, Controlling, Quality Management, Bielefeld (D)
  191. IU Internationale Hochschule GmbH, Research Department CC15200, Erfurt (D)
  192. Goldmedia GmbH, Berlin (D)
  193. Institute for Educational Monitoring and Quality Development (IfBQ), Hamburg (D)
  194. Federal Statistical Office, Wiesbaden (D)
  195. M&E factory monitoring and evaluation GmbH, Vienna (A)
  196. Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bonn (D)
  197. Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Berlin (D)
  198. University of Constance, Constance (D)
  199. Foundation for Cultural Continuing Education and Cultural Consulting, Berlin (D)
  200. CO CONCEPT s.á.r.l., Luxembourg (LU)
  201. IW Consult GmbH, Cologne (D)
  202. Hochschule Geisenheim University, Center for Quality Development, Geisenheim (D)
  203. Agora Digitale Transformation gGmbH, Berlin (D)
  204. Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH, Bremen (D)
  205. Institute for Innovation Research and Management, Bochum (D)
  206. KiTeAro Institute for Education, Research and Development in Pedagogy, Berlin (D)