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Objectives of the journal

Zeitschrift für Evaluation – Journal of Evaluation (ZfEv) aims to provide a platform for

  • the professional dialogue between academia and evaluation practice
  • the interdisciplinary bundling of sectoral expertise
  • international exchange in the German-speaking countries
  • the communication and discussion of new developments
  • the dissemination of standards in evaluation


Topics of the journal

Zeitschrift für Evaluation – Journal of Evaluation publishes both research articles and practice-oriented reports on:

  • theoretical foundations of evaluation studies
  • methodological concepts for evaluations
  • real-world examples of evaluation planning and implementation
  • possibilities and limits of using evaluation results
  • presentation of evaluation institutions and offerings
  • current information on various evaluation-related topics
  • developments in quality control of evaluations


Zeitschrift für Evaluation – Journal of Evaluation offers an information forum for:

  • organisations commissioning evaluation studies
  • users of evaluation studies
  • freelance evaluators
  • consulting firms that conduct evaluations
  • academics from various disciplines who are involved in evaluation research
  • members of German-speaking evaluation societies
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