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to the DeGEval - Evaluation Society

DeGEval - Evaluation Society (Gesellschaft fΓΌr Evaluation e. V.) is a non-profit association that is committed to the professionalization of evaluation, bringing together different perspectives and promoting information and exchange on evaluation. By becoming a member, you ensure to support the professionalization of evaluation in the future and contribute towards our association's goals.

If you would like to support our work independently or on top of your membership, you can do so by donating to DeGEval.

Our bank details are

DeGEval e. V.
Bank: Postbank Dortmund
Account: 833 809 465
BLZ: 440 100 46
IBAN: DE48 4401 0046 0833 8094 65
Purpose: ###
DeGEval e. V. is exempt from corporation tax as a non-profit organization
(tax number 26/674/11212).