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Evaluation in Germany and Austria

Status and development perspectives in the fields of work of DeGEval - Evaluation Society

(Only available in German!)


In this volume, DeGEval - Evaluation Society presents the results of its activities in various fields of evaluation in Germany and Austria. In almost all areas of society today, "evaluation" is carried out in one form or another - but there is often a lack of differentiated consideration and a clear definition. The authors respond to this reality by calling for greater professionalization of evaluation in compliance with evaluation standards.

The reports from DeGEval's fields of work not only provide an insight into the practice and historical development of evaluation in various policy areas, taking into account the specific requirements and problems in each case, but also provide a clear overview of the current state of evaluation research. The more methodologically oriented contributions at the end of the volume, which offer a framework for individual considerations as cross-sectional areas of evaluation, provide an outlook on the challenges and perspectives of evaluation research and practice.





to the publication "Evaluation in Germany and Austria - Status and development perspectives in the fields of work of DeGEval - Gesellschaft fΓΌr Evaluation" (available only in German)

by Dr. Robert Lehmann, Professor at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology


"On average, the individual essays run to a good 10 pages. Therefore, they cannot provide a broad treatment of the history or even all relevant trends in the field of evaluation of an entire policy area. Nevertheless, the individual contributions provide a good insight into the development of the DeGEval working groups and the state of the discussion there. However, the articles cannot provide an overview of all facets of evaluation research in the individual fields. If one is aware of this limitation, the volume offers a good overview of the state of the discussion in the DeGEval, which certainly also represents an important area of the entire specialist discussion." (translation automatically generated)


"The volume "Evaluation in Germany and Austria" concisely presents the state of the discussion on the topic of evaluation in the DeGEval. If you want to obtain comprehensive information about this professional association, it offers an appealing insight into the current status and development perspectives of the individual working groups. However, the extent to which the individual articles reflect the entire specialist discourse in the individual policy areas that deal with evaluation issues will certainly vary from field to field. In this respect, the volume is very well suited to providing a quick insight into current lines of discourse on evaluation in the various policy fields. However, the desire to obtain a complete presentation of evaluation in Germany and Austria would overtax this volume." (translation automatically generated)

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