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Vocational training

DeGEval Working Group

The working group "Vocational Education and Training" was founded in 1998 at the 1st annual conference of DeGEval (under the name "Vocational and In-company Training"). Our work is based on a broad understanding of vocational education and training: from vocational orientation at school and the transition from school to vocational training, through training at the various learning venues (company, vocational school, external institutions) to continuing vocational training or learning in the workplace.

We want to offer all interested parties (evaluators, educational researchers and commissioners) a forum for the exchange of experience and opinions and contribute to the further development of the theory and practice of evaluation in the field of vocational education and training.

Current and previous activities

Currently, posts about current or previous activities of our working groups are only available in German. You can access them by navigating to our German-language website.

If you have any further questions regarding the activities of DeGEval or specific working groups, do not hesitate to contact the respective spokespersons or our office.


the DeGEval Working Group "Vocational Training"


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