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Virtuelle Keynote: "Complexity and Evaluation: Connecting Theory and Practice", by Michael Quinn Patton, independent organizational development and evaluation consultant

Evaluation has been dominated by linear, closed-system thinking.  Such thinking reduces the usefulness of evaluation for social innovators working to change dysfunctional and ineffective systems.  Evaluating program implementation and outcomes is a completely different task from evaluating complex systems change.  The units of analysis and methodological challenges are different.  Evaluation in complex dynamic systems requires openness, flexibility, nimbleness, and genuine systems thinking.  Complexity concepts have important implications for evaluation designs, methods, analysis, and recommendations.  Using concrete and real world examples, this presentation will look at the implications for evaluation of complexity concepts like emergence, nonlinearity, adaptation, dynamic interactions, uncertainty, co-evolution, and systems interdependencies.  

For more information about Michael Quinn Patton, see his resumed curriculum vitae [PDF].