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Requirement Profiles for Evaluators

Recommendations on Education and Training in Evaluation - Requirement Profiles for Evaluators

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The "Recommendations on Education and Training in Evaluation" should define, in terms of a fundamental requirement profile, what knowledge and competencies are required for an evaluator and should therefore be incorporated into an education and training programme.

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Introduction and Table of Contents


Recommendations on Education and Training in Evaluation


Over the past few years, evaluation has gained more and more significance in the German-speaking world. Evidence of this can be seen not only in the increasing number of fields in which evaluation has established itself as an instrument of impact measurement and quality development, but also in the intensity with which evaluation affects these fields.

At the same time, it can be observed that this growth has not been accompanied in all fields of evaluation by corresponding changes in the personnel resources available, which appear necessary for a professional evaluation. This can be attributed first and foremost to the fact that evaluation has up to now not constituted a designated occupational field with corresponding educational and training requirements. Yet the character of evaluation as a cross-sectional science, which brings together strands of different subject disciplines, also contributes.

With the current recommendations on education and training, DeGEval - Gesellschaft für Evaluation (Evaluation Society) is dealing with this topic, and is aiming to make a contribution to the professionalisation of evaluation activities, and hence also to the quality assurance of evaluation itself. These recommendations, which refer to a wide, and in part heterogeneous field of practice, must be sufficiently general, and require field-specific interpretation and differentiation. Based on this premise, they are to be understood as fundamental requirements and competencies that are essential for the adequate performance of evaluations.


Table of Contents

Recommendations on Education and Training in Evaluation

Table of Contents



Fields of competence and standards for evaluation

Fields of competence and dimensions
1. Theory and history of evaluation
2. Methodological competencies
3. Organisational and subject knowledge
4. Social and personal competencies
5. Evaluation practice


Fields of competence and dimensions – overview


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